Maria Fitzgerald has many years of experience in homeopathy treating people from Bray, Dublin and Kildare. She specialises in the following:

  • Food intolerance testing for adults and children over 4. Available at the HealWell Clinic Bray 01-2018990 Mobile 086 7226626 and Health Matters, Crumlin 01 4550323.
  • Her other areas of expertise are:

  • Devising Individual Nutritional Supplement Programmes
  • Recommending Specific Flower Essences to support on an emotional level.
  • Using herbal support remedies and Tissue Salts where needed.
  • Teaching Homeopathy for use in the home and first-aid conditions.
  • Giving talks on Homeopathy to different groups and societies.
  • Teaching Homeopathy to students at the Irish Institute Nutrition and Health.